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A Mike Foster quote for the ages…Story 09

“The enemy says be afraid of your pain, but God says let me leverage your pain.”

[singlepic id=26 w=320 h=240 float=left]Check out People of the Second Chance to learn a little bit more about Mike.

What can God leverage right now in your life?

For me, it’s the empty feeling of not having our three adopted children home yet, and seeing the movie Blindside didn’t help a bit. By the way, this is a movie you will want to own. Without a doubt it’ll start showing up in my blogs.

What about you? What pain can God leverage right now?


Post Turkey Day Reading – Five I Wish You Had Read

Yesterday was a list of the five most popular posts, and today I am listing five I wish people would have read but didn’t.

1. Clarity – where faith loses influence.

2. When you sign up for the ministry gig don’t accept the lie that this is supposed to be easy.

3. Should we go after the lost or grow deeper? It’s the wrong question.

4. The Blood

5. Water