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November 9, 2016

On a historical night…

It has been over a year since I have written a blog. What constitutes this event is the fact that while I swore I wouldn’t stay awake and watch election returns I am still awake at midnight and the President of the United States still has not been called. After all, I stayed awake to watch the Cubs beat my beloved Indians.

From the beginning, I was not a fan of Mr. Trump or Mrs. Clinton and made it clear. But as it became clear that one of them would become the President I had to ask very deep theological questions about this election. I cannot judge the hearts of men or women, but the evidence suggests that both have significant questions with regards to how they view Jesus, the Bible, and orthodox Christianity.

So, this is where I have landed. The Church needs to pray that our leaders humble themselves before God. The Church needs to pray that the hearts and minds of our leaders are submitted to  Jesus Christ. The Church needs to pray that our leaders support policies that favor religious freedom and protect the lives of the unborn. The Church needs to quit praying that a Christian is elected, but that whoever is elected repents of their sin and submits to the rule and authority of Jesus Christ.

Before polls were officially closed I gathered with some men and this is exactly what we did. I hope that we all understand that when the dust settles The Church will still need to pray. This is only the beginning.

God Bless The Church!

God Help America!

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