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Archive for November, 2012


Us and Them

It’s so easy to think of us ministry insiders as Us and as everyone else as Them.

It’s easy to think that we don’t suffer from bouts of pride, self righteousness, self importance, victimization mentalities, and depression.

It’s easy to convince ourselves that we somehow worked hard enough on our spirituality to achieve such high positions within the Church…

and to ignore the fact that there isn’t much difference between me and the homeless ex-con who was forced into foster care as a boy because his parents would rather beat him then tell him they love him.

In fact, it is shamefully easy to ignore the reality that grace has far more to do with why I am the counselor and not the patient.

The reality is that there is no Us unless it means all of Us,

and there is no Them unless Them means Us.

Jesus said, “Why worry about the speck in your friend’s eye when you have a log in your own?” and he was speaking to the ones in ministry.