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Blue Like Jazz @ Kentucky Theater THIS Weekend

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Just in case you haven’t been following the story of Blue Like Jazz the movie here’s a synopsis. Blue Like Jazz“ is a best selling book by Donald Miller, one of my favorite authors. He was approached by Steve Taylor to make a movie out of the book. They ran into a problem financing the film until two guys stepped up and started a Kickstarter campaign to finance the film and 4,495 people stepped up to help produce the film. I was one of those people. While I missed the screening in Louisville back in March I know that the film is not your typical Christian film and that you should be encouraged to take a skeptic or seeker to see it in hopes of beginning a conversation about faith. It opens at Kentucky Theater Friday, April 27th. Go see it! I’m looking at Sunday afternoon, what about you?

Here’s the trailer once again just in case you missed it the last time.


The surprising science of motivation

While I am not real keen on Daniel Pink’s former life as a speech writer for the inventor of the internet, Al Gore. I do find his case to be an interesting one.

In the Church our motivation for our work should be Christ born out of a continual recognition of the work of salvation, the hope of the resurrection, and the presence of the Holy Spirit during our life of sanctification. I find the case that Daniel makes here translates really well to those of us who follow Jesus because when we find ourselves adrift it may only take a quick look as to what our motivators have been in order to make a course correction.


15 years of IJM

I was a youth pastor looking for some curriculum that might spark a bunch of entitled, spoiled, and apathetic teenagers to get serious about their faith. Youth Specialties were really the only people doing quality stuff, and I ordered The Justice Mission curriculum. The VHS tapes arrived and I went through the curriculum only to be confronted with my own entitlement and apathy. It began a relationship that now is more than 10 years old with an agency I remain proud to support financially. This month they celebrate 15 years of bringing justice to the poor, the widow and the orphan, and call the Church to do justice, love mercy and walk humbly with God.