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Archive for February, 2012


Blue Like Jazz Coming to a Theater Near You

The book is one of my top 25 books of all time, and I credit it with challenging me to look at my faith through different lenses often. Some, or maybe just one, think the book had no chance of making a good movie, but as an associate producer of the film I think it has the capability of reaching a brand new audience with Jesus. With the death of Steve Jobs and his best selling biography putting Reed College on the map the timing of this film has a twinge of divine timing.

I’m taking Dad to a screening tomorrow in Louisville. I’ll let you know if it lives up to any expectations.


You see frozen, I see…

I’m sure the canal has frozen over every year for hundreds of years, but it took someone to look at the cold, icy, waterway as an opportunity to create something different.

How often do we get stuck at looking at things the same way, and never wonder, “What if?”

[singlepic id=77 w=580 h=435 float=none]
the canals in leiden netherlands


Might you be a prodigy?

Have you felt like you were made for more?

Watch this…