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Tuesdays are for Champions!

I’m spoiled.

Instead of walking to the television, or DISH receiver, to turn the channel I spend 15 minutes looking for the remote control so that I don’t have to.

And because I’m spoiled I am never challenged to look at impossible situations and think of possible solutions.

I wonder how many of us would have just dreamed of doing what these kids did and would have made excuses as to why we couldn’t instead of actually working to make it happen.

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God did not give us an intellect, a will, and a body so that we could find a way not to use them. So, what’s your excuse? I think I just lost mine.


Love Wins So Hell Must Not Exist

Rob Bell’s new book accompanied by his video introducing its contents has gotten a lot of attention in the Church-world leading up to its March 29th release.

If Rob Bell is anything he is a master of story telling, and he is seemingly a master of marketing. I’m pretty sure this book could be his best selling of all because those who think they will disagree with his conclusions are as likely to buy it as those who think that they will agree.

I enjoy reading Rob Bell, but not because he will validate a view. Instead I enjoy reading his books because he is willing to ask compelling questions and make compelling cases to support his views. He makes me think. In the end, this book will compel me to dig into the scriptures and look to see if it is possible that a loving God could not only allow people to go to Hell, but could create such a place to begin with.

It’s a great question. It’s one that should be wrestled with, and I hope that regardless of Rob’s conclusions people will be led into the truth by the Holy Spirit.

Personally, I believe that Hell is as much of a state of being as it is a place. It is the state of being in the presence of a Holy, Glorious, Righteous, and Loving God without the protection of the blood of Jesus Christ. I would think that to be a terrible moment that could lead to an eternal state of misery. The fact that all of those who may choose to enter into God’s presence unprotected and are gathered into one place called Hell is far less the terrible thought for me.

What about you? Have you ever wondered if God might really send people to Hell?


Tuesdays are for Saxaphone Serenades

All I need to say is George Michael, mullet, and impromptu saxophone serenades.

This is hillarious!

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You’re welcome.