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Archive for December, 2007


The Rock Star Apostle

How cool would it be to have as your calling to be the one sent by the Holy Spirit of God to hang out with Matt Damon, Fred Durst, Jessica Simpson, Jay-Z, Michael Jordan, and Mary J Blige?

I agree with the article in that if cultural impact is going to be made then we must have ongoing conversations with the leaders in the culture, but I think it will take a very special person to do it with a heart of humility and not out of selfish ambition. It’s hard to look at these people with all of their stuff and feel sorry for them, but in actuality that is where Jesus would be…weeping over their lives. However, as the church begins to refocus on caring about the social ills of the world and how we might fix extreme poverty, access to clean water and food, and the basic provision of opportunity to participate in society might we also be looking for some help from the culture?

The possibility excites me…taking Jay-Z to Uganda I think would be life changing not only for him but for every person we came into contact with.

So, Jay-Z if you read this…the invitation is open…

What do ya’ll think?