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The Church in 100 Years

I wonder what will be said…


Uganda and Counting: 13 Days

So, it has been a incredibly full summer. With most of my families focus being on getting PCA construction completed for the start of school on Monday I have had little time to even contemplate what is about to happen in 13 days. Last night the end of the rainbow was in sight as the final coats of paint went on walls and floors were cleared for carpet and a fresh coat of wax.

So, in the next 13 days Kristi and I will celebrate 17 years of marriage, PCA will begin classes in a brand new facility, Harmony will place another 50 people in a LifeTeam, we will launch those LifeTeams, I will begin to pack, and eventually Blaine and I will make our way to the airport for a three week excursion into several unknowns.

In the next 30 days I will experience several first in my life, some of which I am not looking forward too. I will visit Europe, albeit only in an airport in Amsterdam, but it’s Europe none the less. I will visit Africa, which was only a dream for me not so long ago. I will miss the birthday of a child as my oldest, Shelbi, turns 10 on September 9th. What a gift she has been and will continue to be, and it pains me deeply to not be with her on that special day. I will be away from my family for three weeks, 3x the amount I’ve ever been away from Kristi since we’ve been married. I will be out of vacation for the rest of the year, which hasn’t happened this early since my first year of employment when I used it all for another mission trip to Costa Rica. I’ll not shave my head or face for three weeks! No telling what that could end up looking like. And I’m sure that there are going to be numerous more.

So, with all of that in mind I was presented with this thought as I made my way to work. What kind of legacy am I leaving behind for my kids, friends, wife? Not sure why I wondered that, or why it continues to nag me now almost 3 hours later. Is it because the last six weeks of getting PCA in hasn’t left w whole lot of opportunity to just be with my kids? Is it because, for the first time, I’m really trying to prepare for this trip spiritually and emotionally?

I’m not sure why, but I’m sure it is a gift. A gift I hope makes the next 13 days, weeks, and years a little more worth living to their fullest.

What is your legacy?