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About Robert

Robert Glenn Smith is the Lead Planter and Lead Servant of officiallogoblack in Georgetown, Kentucky where he preaches, teaches, plans, and leads. He, along with about 30 others planted in 2013 and just celebrated their 3rd Anniversary. Seven of those 30 include his wife Kristi and their six children. He also works as a scientist for an international company full-time, and volunteers on the boards of Adopt Uganda and Promise Kids a Future.

In his spare time, he loves to read or watch Liverpool Football Club, The Kentucky Wildcats, and the Dallas Cowboys or play basketball, golf, soccer or games with the family. In his story below you can sense a strong belief in being intentional in making disciples of Jesus.

At the age of seven, I think that I knew what I was doing when I got baptized.

At the age of nine, I believe that I knew God wanted me to be a preacher.

Then something happened, or nothing happened, or both, but I became something far from what I thought I might eventually be…far from what I was designed to be…far from what I was called to be.

I’m now spending the rest of my life trying to make sure that the same thing doesn’t happen to someone else. I want to make sure that the Revolution that happens…the TransformationThe Regeneration that takes place becomes a lifestyle and not a one night stand. While I’m trying to answer my own questions I want to be intentional in leading people through living life as a Spirit bearer and follower of Jesus Christ. I’m now doing this with a group of people called regeneration. We invite you to come do it with us!


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  1. Sheila Owens
    Nov 22 2013

    WOW, I know where you are coming from. When I was a kid about 12 years old we had a pastor come to our church one Sunday night and he was talking about hell, well about that time the power went out. We had a candle light service, and this old time pastor took us to hell at he end of the service I was the first one down there. No way did I want to go to hell. I was baptist about a two weeks later with my uncle. Did I change I continue to live the same way. Did I continue going to church yes, did I long to know Jesus did I read His word no, Did I know the answers to all the question my SS teacher ask yes…I stopped going to church in my late teens. Went my own way and did my own thing, never told anyone I was a christian, But I did know who Jesus was of course. I got married at the age of 20 yrs old had my first child at 23 yrs old and started taking her to church. I read my bible and prayed . Still doing my own thing. At the age of 26 yrs old Jerry and I went to church with friend and the Holy Spirit convicted me of my sins….I was so broken and for the first time knew that Jesus died for me…..for the sin I had done against Him ..I was broken and repented from my sins. I fell in love with Jesus and He changed my whole life…Was I prefect no…was I changing yes….I am still changing and still not prefect….I pray that the Holy Spirit does for you and your mission as He has done for me…..Because He is the only one who can do it. God Bless you and each person within the wall of the church you have started as the Lord leads you…We pray for y’all everyday as we drive by the church…….Love ya Sheila

  2. Kristi Smith
    Aug 28 2009

    Why not 4 reasons, soon to be 7? 🙂

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